Friday, July 02, 2010

State Machine Language notes (WIP)

The HP 9100A desktop calculator was an incredible piece of engineering. It basically implemented a VLIW processor without any digital IC logic - it had a 4K ROM carved into a 12-layer circuit board (needless to say the yields sucked!) It used a CRT as a 3-line 8-segment display!

Tom Osbourne's initial work on ASM sounds quite interesting, although I haven't found all the details yet. - I'd figure a lot of this got into current design, hopefully!

Doing some more reading - Woz used these techniques on Apple Integer Basic and the Disk II. (Makes sense, since he *did* work for HP)


programming ideas:

- *actually* passing a variable/object along, so it only has one "owner" at a time.

- making a state machine language that gets 'compiled' into straight C. already thinking of doing this for register definitions etc...

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