Friday, July 02, 2010

MSP430 Launchpad first impressions

Just plugged in my MSP430 Launchpad. Not able to actually do much with it yet, but you actually get four microcontrollers... on the programming side there's:

- A TUSB3410 USB/8051 UART microcontroller

- And a MSP430F1612 - with considerably more RAM+ROM than the parts you're meant to develop for. (Why hasn't the code for this been rolled into the 3410 yet?)

There's a "modem" UART interface to the serial port on the target chip, and a HCI-based Debug interface. Oddly the 'modem' interface appears to be the one used for target programming.

To properly load the 5310 driver, you must modify the USB driver for the 5310 to add device 0x451:0xf432. Sadly I don't actually have a build tree on this laptop so I'll have to get back to this one in a while. *sigh*

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