Monday, September 15, 2008

Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (aka 8.10) + eee (701) = win!

I loaded up 8.10 alpha 5 onto my eee last night because I'm looking into setting up my eee as a car navigation system (among other things) and I didn't want to mess around with Xandros-specific stuff. I had heard 8.10 has many eee improvements so I decided to load it up. Here're some notes...

Things figured out:

- Wireless works once you disable the 'old' Atheros driver - either in hardware manager or adding the module (ath_pci) to the /etc/modprobe.d blacklist.

- I have Sprint 3G service with a Sierra 595U. It just plugs in, Network Manager sees it, and all I have to do is connect.

- Backlight control doesn't work with the fn keys, but a simple script that does the needed setpci call will adjust it just fine, and to brighter and dimmer settings. A dim setting would probably be good while running navigation software at night... ;)

Not done:

- I need to get the Asus ACPI module loaded in. There's a package dependnacy issue at the moment, and I need a DKMS(sp) package for the module otherwise.

- I still need to try Bluetooth out, especially since I have a Pharos PT120 GPS unit on it's way. I have a nice small BT adapter which should work.

- Setting up the 8x16 font in the console applications. Maybe I can get 100x25 in Konsole.

Other gripes:

- My AData 16GB card mysteriously lost 4GB. This is annoying. If I were you I'd just keep buying Sandisk Ultra II's, or Extreme III 30MBs if you have more money than me.

- Not having the money for a 8.9" netbook. ;) (I got my 701 in November... I'd been waiting for the eee to come out for a long time. :) )